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Festival terms

What is FIRCO?

FIRCO is the Latin American Circus Festival. This arises from the need to temporarily unite the different visions of the circus that are lived in the Ibero-American countries., generating a unique place of confluence and learning that allows strengthening the existing ties between this community.

During the weekend, FIRCO promotes the circus and cultural exchange in front of an audience of all ages. Talents selected from among the 23 Ibero-American countries will participate representing their numbers from the different circus disciplines.

The fifth edition of FIRCO will take place at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid (Spain), of the 30 from september to 2 October 2022.

Aim of the Festival

Festival development

The 8 participating numbers will form a single gala that will be repeated three times during the festival (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), hosted by a presenter. The galas will be held at the Teatro Circo Price, with the public and before a specialized jury. The specialized jury together with the organizing committee of FIRCO will decide the distribution of prizes.
further, on Sunday 2 October the Meeting of Circus Professionals will be held. The meeting will be held in the morning with the aim of creating a space for communication between programmers and participants.

The selection process

The selection process consists of two phases:
1ª Fase, Submission of requests:
From 5 March to 15 april 2022 the participants will present their scenic proposals in accordance with the bases of the published call.

2ª Final selection of participants and publication of the cast:
Before the 1 June 2022 The Selection Committee will choose, at least, 5 proposals that will define the list of FIRCO actions 2022, contacting the selected participants in the Festival. Each participant will be published progressively in social networks.
The Selection Committee will reserve until 3 proposals outside the call to resolve possible contingencies. Along the process, this committee will ensure to maintain the balance in territorial representation, gender and discipline. This year, as an exceptional case, due to Covid-19, territorial representation may be affected.

Announcement terms


-Have demonstrably Latin American nationality or residence for more than 2 years in one of the member countries (Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, R. Dominican, Uruguay, Venezuela).

-Be less than 35 years in 2022.

-Be over 18 years in August 2022.

-Circus proposals may have a maximum of 3 members.

-Submit a proposal stage, lasting between approximately 6 and 10 minutes.

-Show without animals.

NOTE: in the case of a proposal for more than one person, at least one 50% its members must meet the requirements 1 and 2. The requirement 3 It is mandatory for all its components.


The Organization is committed to:
-Reward €600 per person for participating in the Festival.

-cover accommodation, diets and international transport during the entire stay.

-Publish an edited video of each participant's performance at the festival, as well as 5 Photographs.

-Provide coverage for liability insurance for each participant.

-Give the opportunity to the participants to opt for different prizes during the Festival:

      First prize: 1000€
      Second prize: 700€
      Third award: 400€
      Audience Award: 500€ and direct participation in the Grand Final Gala
      Circontinentes Prize: 400€

Each participant undertakes to:
-Submit the application within the term of the call. Applications will not be accepted after the call deadline..

-Have full availability to be in Madrid from 25 from september to 2 October 2022.

-Deliver the requested documentation in 7 days from the request by the Organization.

-Be responsible for the management of the corresponding visas. The Organization will assume the costs that the management of visas could entail., provided they are duly justified.

-Facilitate the performance of health tests in relation to Covid-19. The Organization will assume the costs that said tests could entail..

-Assign your image rights to the Organization by written agreement between the parties.

-Have availability to participate in the different events held during the Festival (as Festival presentation, meeting with programmers, etc). It is recalled that most of the events held will be carried out with the intention of favoring the image, carrera, future contracts, etc. participants.

-Accept all the conditions for participation in the Festival.

-The Organization reserves the right to alter or modify the program of the show, date, schedule and participants announced for technical reasons, artistic or force majeure.

-Any circumstance that may arise and not foreseen in these Conditions will be resolved by the Organization. Always taking care of the image and the treatment towards the participants.

The deadline for submitting applications begins on the day 4 March and ends the day 15 april 2022.