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FIRCO 2022

5º Iberoamerican Circus Festival

The fifth edition of FIRCO

It will be held in collaboration with Teatro Circo Price in Madrid during the 30 of September, 1 and 2 October 2022. They will meet him 8 art proposals selected among 23 Latin American countries, to compete and showcase their new creations before a jury of international prestige.
This edition had the support of the Iberescena aid from the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
As in previous editions, we hope there will be a warm reception from the public, being able to fill Teatro Circo Price in Madrid.

In this issue we find

Requests to participate sent from the 23 Latin American countries
Participants in the 8 selected proposals.
circus disciplines
Countries represented
show days
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guest artist

Live music


Festival Honors

The winning numbers were:

  • First prize (1000€): Nicholas Montes de Oca (Verticals – Mexico)
  • Second prize (700€): Cía Punto Zero (Korean squad – Chile/Costa Rica)
  • Third award (400€): Alonso Gonzalez Barria (Juggling – Chile)
  • Audience Award (500€): Cía Punto Zero (Korean Draw – Chile/Puerto Rico)
  • Circontinentes Prize (400€): Mar Meza (Aerial hoop – Mexico)
  • Cirque Du Soleil Premium: Alonso Gonzalez Barria (Juggling – Chile)
  • Jury Special Mention Award: Jose y Gaby (Hand to hand)
  • CircusTalk Spotlight Award: Juan Carlos Panduro (Verticals - Spain)
  • Mention to the guest artist: Marica Marinoni (Rueda Cyr - Italia)