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FIRCO 2024

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About the festival

Circontinentes organized from 2018 the Latin American Festival of Circus (FIRCO), the first and only festival of short numbers cited in only selected participants among 23 Latin American countries.

They have the opportunity to represent their numbers of different circus disciplines before a specialized jury, that fail festival prizes. The aim is to promote the circus and cultural exchange during 3 days of shows.

This festival brings together the different proposals circus of Iberoamerican countries, creating a place of confluence and unique learning, which strengthens the ties in this community.

FIRCO will consolidate the circus as an artistic highest level in Iberoamerican, and promote their dissemination. He further encourage and reward the most interesting and innovative young proposals.

Audience review

Teatro Circo Price

Teatro Circo Price is the living history of the circus in Spain. It is currently the oldest and most prestigious circus stable country. Born in 1868 British hand acrobat Thomas Price and throughout its history has presented different locations in Madrid. After its reopening in 2007, managed by the city council, It stands as a great cultural reference because of its extensive programming circus. In addition to producing its own shows, no doubt offer a wide range, ranging from major international companies to small circus cycles visible format for local companies, covering all styles and circus disciplines.

The building has a circular track and seating for more than 1200 people. It is perfectly equipped to host any kind of show, in addition to a technical team with extensive experience. It is, definitely, the ideal place to host this festival.

If you want to know more about this great space and its history